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Aromatherapy Baths are just one of the Powerful Aids to Better Health....


If you feel dull and lethargic a Rosemary Aromatherapy Bath will stimulate the nervous system and clear the head. 10-15 minutes in the bath is long enough to feel the benefits. Add 5 drops to a warm bath and, mix thoroughly before getting in. If your skin is sensitive always dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil before adding to the water (see bath oils under Skin and Body Care workshop).

If you don't have time for an Aromatherapy Bath in the morning just put two or three drops of Rosemary or Lemongrass into the washhand basin full of hot water e lean over and inhale the vapour for a few minutes and you will feel wide awake and ready to go!

At Work
Offices and workplaces can often be very stuffy and can contribute to a lack of efficiency as the day wears on. Fresh air is what is needed and if you can't go out for a walk or even open the windows you can still freshen the atmosphere by using essential oils.
Use either in an air-spray (as explained earlier) or by adding a few drops of oil to a tissue or ball of cotton wool. Light citrusy oils like - Bergamot; Lemon; Orange; Rosewood or Lemongrass, not only scent the atmosphere but bring a freshness and clarity and , because all essential oils have antiseptic properties, will also offer you some degree of protection from the various airborne bacteria which surround us.

If you're suffering from mental fatigue, Basil oil stimulates the brain and is great to refresh your mental powers during a demanding day at your workplace or during examination swatting. It is also ideal for any long-distance driving you may have to do, or generally for anyone who has to concentrate for long periods of time. Basil oil is very strong and simply smelling the vapour of 1 drop on a tissue is sufficient to stimulate the grey matter.

Arriving Back Home
When you realise that every part of your body has a reflex point on the foot, you will understand how, on reaching home, you can revive quite quickly by having an Aromatherapy footbath and Massage. - Just 5 - 10 minutes with your feet in a bowl of water to which you have added 5 drops of either Peppermint, Lavender or Rosemary and then gently massaging your feet will work wonders.

To Revitalise Before a Night Out
For a revitalising Aromatherapy Bath, - Run a bath and add either Rosemary and Rosewood, or Rosemary and Bergamot, or Rosewood and Bergamot, or Ylang-Ylang and Clary Sage
(6 drops in total to a bath or dilute first in a carrier oil or a little milk).
Any of these combinations will uplift and energise you before going out.

And So To Bed
An Aromatherapy bath using Geranium and Lavender will help to reduce tension and prepare you for sleep. If you are having trouble falling off to sleep place 1-2 drops of Lavender or Marjoram oil on a tissue near your pillow.

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