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Aromatherapy Herbs and their Amazing Therapeutic Effects !

Aromatic herbs are some of the most unusual plants species in the plant kingdom; nothing can be as useful and beneficial as Aromatherapy herbs, their contribution to the civilization is a fact well recognized. Aromatic plants are those which contain certain natural compounds called “natural scents.”

Most of these critical extracts are obtained from different parts of a plant like leaves, stem, flowers, seeds and roots. Though they are hidden in these parts, they can be extracted by distillation or fractionation processes. The number of catalogued aromatic herbs exceeds 250, though many of them are not really productive. However, about 100 varieties are known to possess unique compounds that are used as aromatherapy essential oils.

Herbs have a variety of effects including antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, sedative or stimulant properties.  By being aware of each plant's properties and used carefully the man can be relieved of various symptoms or illnesses. In general, all essential oils have the ability to strengthen the immune system, and are detoxifying in nature.  Essential oils can be used as preventative treatment; most symptoms can be reduced with regular treatment.

Various herbs and plants that can be used are - Basil, Lavender, Garlic, Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Nettle, Rosemary, Tea tree, Dandelion and Liquorices. Basil has expectorant and antibiotic/antiseptic properties.  Lavender is a relaxant. 

Garlic is antiseptic, antibiotic and expectorant.  The expectorant properties make garlic excellent for the respiratory system.  The juice from a bulb of garlic can be used on cuts and bruises.  Rosemary is an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic plant, its uses are various. 

Tea Tree is an antiseptic and mild disinfectant which aids healing, strengthens the immune system.     Dandelion is used to treat kidney or liver disorders, the root stimulates the liver and the leaves act as a diuretic.   Liquorices can be used as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, demulcent, antispasmodic and expectorant herb.

Aromatic herbs, due its therapeutic properties, are cherished by many professionals in the world. Hundreds of recipes are researched and chronicled every day, ach with different use and application. Carefully selected herbs are chosen to extract essential oils and refined for a long shelf life.

Many herbs can even be grown in containers at home or cottage gardens; the fresh aroma and the sweet essence of flowers and leaves are sources of joy and relaxation for any garden owner. Aromatherapy herbs are known to special plants for special purposes; its organic extracts are all pure and 100% safe for therapeutic uses. Aromatic oils are eternal and man’s quest for perfection to acquire a pure essential oil is never ending.

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