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 Aromatherapy Accessories - Diffusers, Boxes, Candles and Burners

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Aromatherapy Accessories - Your Natural Remedies Medicine Cabinet!

Aromatherapy Accessories

Aromatherapy Storage Box

These boxes are made of wood with wooden dividers to protect and store your aromatherapy pure essential oils. Since therapeutic essential oils start to break down when exposed to direct sunlight and heat, it is best to store them in a dry dark area. Aromatherapy Storage Boxes are perfect for keeping your bottles of pure essential oils fresh and safe longer than by any other means.

Aromatherapy Jars and Bottles

Most often, therapeutic essential oils are stored in cobalt blue or dark amber colored bottles, as these best protect the blends from deterioration. Some individuals may use clear glass bottles; however, they are not the best storage for pure essential oils, as it will contribute to the oils becoming contaminated by direct light and heat. Plastic bottles are not recommended for use with concentrated aromatherapy essential oils. You may want to consider locating a few glass droppers for measuring out and dispensing your aromatherapy pure essential oils, while searching for the proper bottles to store your blends.

Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are quite delightful and they come in a wide variety of complimentary colors and wonderful scents. They can be used for healing, energy, comfort as well as setting a wonderful atmosphere in any room. The very best aromatherapy candles have a natural base of ingredients that are not releasing harmful toxins into the environment while burning. As with any open flame, you must practice fire safety measures when using aromatherapy candles.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Aromatherapy diffusers come in a wide variety, such as fan diffusers, nebulizers, clay pot diffusers as well as electrical diffusers and reed diffusers. Many of these are useful for creating a sensational ambience of smell, while not being a fire hazard and are great for any home, apartment or office. Some aromatherapy diffusers use a non-liquid form of scents while others may use a cotton plug that is pre-filled and absorbs the pure essential oils for use. Aromatherapy car diffusers are available so you can take your favorite scent with you when you leave your home.

Aromatherapy Kits

Aromatherapy kits and gift basket come with a wide variety of different therapeutic essential oils and accessories, most of them are either specifically put together for a particular use, or you may choose one with an assortment to work with.

You can also find other aromatherapy accessories, such as informational books that describe the pure essential oils, their properties and correspondences as well as a few blends and recipes to get you started on your wonderful adventure of using aromatherapy. There are aromatherapy massage tools, useful when trying to bring relief to aching muscles. You may also want to purchase some spray bottles for blending your own aromatherapy sprays or potions, such as hair and body products or room fresheners.

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